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  • Touch screen desktop explosive trace detector SE800

Touch screen desktop explosive trace detector SE800

Touch screen desktop explosive trace detector SE800

Product introduction:

The SE800 Explosion Proof Detector is a wide-range highly sensitive desktop system for the real-time detection to identify explosives and narcotics. And it is An easy-to-use non-radioactive-based explosive and narcotics/drugs substances scanner solution.Wide range less 8 seconds trace detection for security.  It can be widely used in subways, railways, public security judicial officers, border guards, and government agencies. , postal logistics and other key security zones, on the body of clothing, luggage, cargo surface residual drugs, explosives and other prohibited items, suspicious items can be quickly detected.

Product Features:

High sensitivity:Can detect at least 100 Nanogram black powder, including fireworks and civil homemade explosives

High speed Indentify

VUV lamp soft ionization technique , non-radioactive

Advanced migration tube design ensures high resolution;

Automatic cleaning system can prevent inject pollution.

Renewable gas purification system

Database open to user, can add new type explosive

10 inch TFT color touch screen

Built-in printer to print test result at any time.

Dipstick can be reused

Support network control and transfer

Unlimited Storage, USB port to output data

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