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  • 6550 Security X-ray Screening Machine with Operation Table

6550 Security X-ray Screening Machine with Operation Table

  • Category: X Ray Baggage Scanner
  • Tunnel Size:655(W)*500(H)mm
  • Aplicaiton:School,factory,Court,Station and so on
  • Detection:gun,knife,phone,key and so on
  • Conveyor Max Load:170Kg

SE6550 X-Ray Baggage Scanner for metro,hotel,malls,office building,etc

1). High-Definition Acquisition System:

the product adopts the High-definition collecting design with high image definition, good anti-interference performance and high speed acquisition. The equipment is fully tested for a long time before delivery, so it has good performance and low failure rate.

2). New Integration Solution:
New F-statproject, no computer hard disk system, chip integration, better stability and higher operation efficiency.

3). System Self-Inspection Function:
When the system start or in the normal work, it can prompt the system working state. If the equipment has broken, it can timely and accurately prompt.

4). Optimize the Amplification Function:
Provide the 100-level continuous amplification function for small items, it has the higher performance compared to the traditional 16-level magnification and its amplification effect is more exquisite.

5). High-Speed Chip Hard Drive:
The traditional equipment always adopts common large capacity hard disk. As the equipment needs to process and store a large amount of data in normal work, it would easily cause conflict and crash, our products adopt the design of high-speed electron chip hard disk to improve the processing functions and the working stability.

6). Image Database Management System:
To achieve a limited storage capacity to store more data and to facilitate the user to view the picture data saved. The system saves the image by date, has the picture compression function and storage capacity measuring ability. When the capacity is insufficient, it will delete the earliest old picture data, to ensure the storage of new image. In the same time, the system provides online picture browsing, can quickly browse and save any images.

7). Save Images In Multiple Formats:
Users can have a better choice to save the image format, providing BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG and other image formats.

8). Provide Customized Service:

the system can be open to some of the interface and be able to adjust the color of the picture as needed or we can increase other practical functions according to customers’ reasonable requirements, such as custom-made higher rate acquisition system.

6550 Security X-ray Screening Machine Specification:

Tunnel Size
Conveyor Max Load
Conveyor speed
32mm steel guarantee, 34mm steel typical
38 AWG
Film safety
Guarantee up to ISO1600
X-ray leakage
﹤0.1 mR/h (1.0 μSv/h)
Tube Voltage




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