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  • Secuera-SE10080D Dual-view X-ray Inspection Security Systems

Secuera-SE10080D Dual-view X-ray Inspection Security Systems

  • Category: Products
  • Brand:SECUERA
  • Model Number:SE10080D
  • Tunnel size: 1000(W)*800(L)mm
  • Warranty: 1 year
Secuera SE10080D Dual-View x-ray security scanner is a hot trend for high end customers security needs, it is deployed with two generator, one is from top, the other from the side, which can give two perspective and high quality scanned images from different angles, to discover and reveal the potential threads in the baggages and luggages.

Our SE10080D X-ray Luggages Scanner is widely applicable for security checks on briefcases, parcels, express mail, hand luggage, and small parcels in government agencies, transportation, logistics, courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, and entertainment venues etc.

Product Specification:

Image Processing System:

X-ray sensor

L-shaped photodiode array detector (multi-energy), 12-bit depth

Number of sources


Scanning mode

Dual-source scanning with two angles of view from the top and side shots.


high resolution 17 inch LCD display

Color image display

 24-bit true color display according to material material

Edge enhancement

sharper edges of objects

Super image enhancement

 image details are clearer

High penetration display

Improves the contrast of bright areas in the image, making the easy-to-penetrate area clearer

Low penetration display

Improves contrast in dark areas of the image, making the difficult-to-penetrate area clearer

Ultra-thin object detection function

When the object to be tested is too thin to block the light barrier, the ultra-thin object can be detected by pressing the corresponding function key.

Magnifying glass

partial zoom function, dynamic real-time zoom


increase Increases the brightness of the image / dims the brightness of the image

Image pull back / front pull

Display the first 200 images and perform any image processing on the image

Image restoration

 image display returns to its original state

Image storage

Real-time storage of 50000 images of arbitrary images, and can perform arbitrary image processing, continuous work saving

Multi-energy color

organic matter is shown in orange, inorganic is shown in blue, and mixture is shown in green

High energy / low energy

two energy switching display

Drug Explosives Assisted Detection

 Assisting in the detection of dangerous goods such as some typical drug explosives

Leakage radiation dose rate receiving function

The leakage rate of the sample leakage radiation sent by the X-ray leakage meter placed in the upper cover of the prototype channel can be received through the mobile APP, and the alarm limit can be set by the mobile phone APP. When the limit is exceeded, It can be alarmed by an external alarm.


1) One-button shutdown control: only need to rotate the key when shutting down, the device automatically shuts down safely, reducing equipment failure.

2) Environmentally friendly design: lead curtain plus protective film to prevent hand contact with lead and avoid lead pollution.

3) Image data transmission system: The device is connected with the main control device through the Ethernet controller to realize the remote transmission of image data, which is convenient for remote monitoring of security information, and can be used for integrated management of security check systems.




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