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  • Door Frame Metal Detector SE1806N Of 18 Zones

Door Frame Metal Detector SE1806N Of 18 Zones

General Specification Of Walk Through Metal Detector SE1800N

*Sensitivity level: 255
*Each zone sensitivity level: 400 (Adjustable)
*Power consumption: 12 W
*Working frequency :1~50 bands
*Highest standard: Metal size ≥ 6 g
*Vertical dimension: 2200x860x440mm
*Vertical channel size: 2000x700mm
*Customizable width : 700~1500mm
*Working voltage: AC110V~240V 50/60Hz
*Working environment temperature: -40℃~+85℃

Advanced Features Of Walk Through Metal Detector SE1800N

*6.12.18. independent zones available to choose, Dual High-Brightness Red LED Display

*Adjustable sensitivity of each detection zone, multi-alarm sounds to choose

*Operating frequency can be adjusted manually or automatically

*Detection technology: Even detection technology, no blind spot

*Internet technology:Remote upgrade system and remote control system

*Statistics: Record the pass and alarm numbers

*Query function: The system has real-time information query function

*Intelligent Standby: The system has intelligent standby operation alerts

*Detection speed: more than 60 people pass and detect in 1 minute

*Intelligent partion: Can change detection zones according customers’ demands

*Can connect PC terminal that change specification of WTMD anytime,anywhere(optional)

*Have 4 kinds infrared mode: IR ON/IR OFF/Front group IR ON/Back group IR ON

*We integrated 72 application occasions in the program, can change all zones,sensitivity when you choose different occasion

*No harm to human body with heart peacemaker, pregnant women, magnetic floppy and recording tapes

Compliance Of Walk Through Metal Detector SE1800N

CE compliance

ISO9001 Quality Management System

ISO14001 Environment Management System

OHSAS18001 Occupational Health Management System

Applications Of Walk Through Metal Detector SE1800N

Airport, port, travelling check point
Conference, stadium, access control, court, visiting check point
power plant, factory, hotel, restaurant, entertainment, power venue, KTV, temple

Installation Sites Of Walk Through Metal Detector SE1800N

Fashion music festival in Shenzhen China
Metro in Wuhan China
Police office in India
Embassy in Indonesia




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