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  • GC-101H Special Hand Held Metal Detector

GC-101H Special Hand Held Metal Detector

General Specification

Dimension: 376*80*28mm
Net Weight: 190g
Operation Voltage: DC7~12V

Detection Range

  • 64 model handgun……… 160mm
  • 6-inch long knife ………… 170mm
  • Diameter ……………………  30mm
  • Steel ball ……………………  100mm

Standard Features

  • Streamlined appearance, small and exquisite, easy to carry and operate, convenient, easy charging.
  • Low power consumption, 250MA battery charge one time can work continuously more than 40 hours when 9V down to about 7V, the detection range keep the same.
  • When the power is insufficient, there is an automatic and continuous alarm to remind you to charge or replace the battery.
  • Lightweight, large area detection sensor to detect quickly.
  • There are high and low sensitivity options.
  • Two-alarm modes are available: LED lights and audible alarms or vibrating alarms.


Medicine, food quality inspection business system;
Airports, railway stations, terminal electronic inspection;
Sawmill detection nails, important places, playground safety inspection;
Customs, public security, frontier defense, the defense departments security check;
Precious metals detection, such as gold and silver jewelry factory, electronics factory.




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