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  • Secuera Single Energy X-ray Baggage Scanner SE6550A

Secuera Single Energy X-ray Baggage Scanner SE6550A

Secuera Single Energy X-Ray Baggage Scanner SE6550A

Secuera SE6550A X-Ray Baggage Scanner is a new type of security inspection equipment that uses X-ray to penetrate and check baggage and cargo without unpacking examination. It is applicable for security checks on briefcases, parcels, express mail, hand luggage, and small parcels in government agencies, transportation, logistics, courts, procuratorate, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, and entertainment venues etc.

Secuera SE6550A X-ray Baggage scanner Detail

Basic parameter indicators
Channel size 650×500mmW×H
Conveyor belt rated load 120kg Conveyor speed 0.2 ±0.02m/s
Penetration resolution ≥34AWG≤0.16mm Penetration 12mm steel
Line resolution ≥40AWG≤0.0787mm Spatial resolution Horizontal: 1.0 mm diameter
Vertical: 1.0 mm diameter
Pass rate test 700/h noise level <55dBA
Leakage dose 0.2μGy/h (national standard is no more than 5μGy/h) Single-check dose <1.0μGy
Beam direction top-illuminated beam divergence angle 80°
Tube current 0.4~1.2mAadjustable Tube voltage 100—160 KVadjustable
Power loss 0.5 KWAmax film security ISO1600
Operating voltage 220VAC(±10%) 50±3HZ Cooling/duty cycle Sealed oil cooling/100%
Working temperature/humidity 0℃~45℃/20%95% Storage temperature/ humidity -20℃~60℃/20%95% (non-condensing)
Food, medicine and tape No effect on multiple exposures One-button shutdown function can completely cut off the prototype power supply with one button
Image Processing System
X-ray sensor L-shaped photodiode array detector (single energy)
Anode voltage ≥80KV
X-ray beam direction low-light
Number of sources 1
Operating System Embedded Linux Operating System
Display High resolution 17 inch color display
Ultra-thin inspection function test When the measured object is too thin to block the light barrier, the ultra-thin object can be detected by pressing the corresponding function key.
Image enlargement function check The image can be continuously enlarged, the magnification should be configurable 2-64 times, and the image can be enlarged by the mouse wheel.
Image identification function Variable multi-energy
Excluding inorganic matter
Eliminate organic matter
Color reverse image (or black and white reverse)
Ultra-clear image enhancement
Image penetration enhancement
Explosives assisted identification
Image real-time storage function (more than 50,000 frames, digital format, storage content including baggage image, image generation time and other related information.
Image gray level ≥4096
Image processing 24-bit (bit) real-time processing
Operation/Storage temperature/Humidity Temperature: 0 to 45 ° C -20 to 60 ° C/
Humidity: 20%-95% (non-condensing)




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