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  • Walk Through Metal Detector SE6000S Of 60 Zones

Walk Through Metal Detector SE6000S Of 60 Zones

SECUERA SE6000S Walk Through metal detector provides enhanced performance and special program selections engineered to meet the varying security requirements of schools, stadiums, government buildings, mass transit, nightclubs, prisons, airports, entertainment venues, loss prevention, and special events.

SECUERA SE6000S Door Frame Metal Detector adopt DSP technology and first company to get the patient designed original monolithic integrated control board provides excellent performance. Easy installation and no routine maintenance.

SECUERA SE6000S Security Metal detector door provide high sensitivity that able to detect flying objects even keys such small metals. SE6000S Walk Through Metal Detector also has another big advantages that can visualize single-zone sensitivity detection according to different places. And this feature is the first and exclusive owned by SECUERA.

SE6000S Features:

l Zones: 60 pinpoint zones with high resolution and precision

l Met Identity: Met identity for identification of threat composition

l Display: double display

l Sensitivity: High sensitivity, captable to detect from guns, 9mm Bullets to 1/2 cutter blade

l Green and Red Signal: Green and Red Signal, Indicate the quantity of the metal

l Medium Size Metal on LCD: Standard Alarms

l Large Size Metal on LCD: Intermittent / Different Alarm

l International Standards: Immediate selection of international Security standards, NILECJ, 3GUN TST, 3GUN TSE, GA, GD, NIIJ-LO.

l Detection: Accurate detection of magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy metal weapons

l Detection Speed: 60 Persons per minute

l Chip Card: Chip card system for fast ,simple & secure parameters changes

Technical specification:

Weather-proof Level:

IP65 (option)


DSP and module construction

Electric current:

AC215V~230V 50/60Hz


12 W

Detection zones

60 zones

Operation way

keypad and remote control


7inch LCD screen,Audible and visible alarm, English display and zone display

LIght bar

on door frame

Work environment:

-20 degree~+45 degree

Gross Weight:


Inner frame:

2000mm (h) X 760mm (w) X 600mm (d)

Outer frame:

2220mm (h) x 880mm (w) X 600mm (d)

Operation way:

remote control and keyboard control

Two LED light bars on both door panels:

gives alarm corresponding to the height or human body.

Sensitivity adjustable

from Level 0 to 300 for each program, separate vertical zones with independent adjustable sensitivity from 0-300

High: Can detect a clip

Low: Detect big metal articles such as: knife, gun, and copper, aluminums, zinc (more than 150g), ignoring metal in belt button, shoes


Shock proof to avoid false alarm

Intelligent traffic and alarm counters

calculate traffic flow and resultant alarms Tamper-Proof: operate program is protected by password.

Advantages function:

· Self-diagnostic procedures,

· Support Input MBSU battery backup, in time power transfer

· Modular structure easy for after sales service

· Automatically adapt to the working environment

· Auto scan environmental interference at site

Applications Of Walk Through Metal Detector SE6000S

1. SECUERA SE6000S Walkthrough Metal Detector Applicable to government law enforcement agencies: including public security bureaus, procuratorates, court tribunals, prisons, labor camps, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers and other venues for the safety inspection of prohibited metal objects.

2. SECUERA SE6000S Multi-zone walkthrough metal detector Applicable to public places in the society: including sports venues, entertainment venues (disc, dance halls, etc.), airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, customs, banks, exhibition halls, museums, banks, oil depots, power stations, etc. A security check of the entrance to a public place.

3. SECUERA SE6000S High performance metal detector gate Applicable to production enterprises: including electronics (such as: chips, memory, circuit boards, hard drives, mobile phones, MP3, translation, voice recorders, electronic devices, etc.), wire and cable, electrical appliances, gold and silver jewelry, cigarettes, drugs, Safety inspection of ink cartridges, industrial and mining, hardware, electroplating, pressure casting, plumbing equipment, precious metals (copper, aluminum, etc.) and related industries or various important enterprises.

SECUERA commetted to Quality first, Service foremost:

00001. SECUERA provides Two years warranty and 10 years Parts Supply Availability

00002. If quality problems happen in guarantee period, our company will maintain for free.

00003. Additionally, our company provides technical support and fittings for life.

00004. After-sales service isn't restricted by time and we will assign technical personnel to

00005. solve your problems immediately after receiving telephone and hear feedback idea of users and deal with them in time.

If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time.




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